Monday, 15 October 2018

CWC Soviet Invasion of Norway 1985 - Northern Table Day 2

Our latest campaign is the Soviet Invasion of Norway in 1985. The games are fought out in 6mm using Cold War Commander from Pendraken. In October 2018 we played out the battles over two days at the Grimsby Wargames Club. his post covers the Northern table on Day Two
 The Northern table looking north

On Day One the table was defended by Norwegian Home Guard (Rodge W), US 9th High Tech (Mark F) and Finnish forces (Simon W). The Soviet attackers were an MRR (Danny M), VDV (Peter S) and a Naval Infantry Brigade (Nigel G). Hopefully some one will blog the AAR.

On Day Two the Finns had been withdrawn and Peter's VDV had been replaced by a fresh VDV battalion under my command. This time we airdropped several miles away and drove to the battle.
My target - the airfield and the lovely beach for a bit of R&R

While the Soviet MMR and Naval Infantry pushed their way south against the Norwegian Home Guard, My VDV advanced north  to take the airfield from the US troops

The US troops in their buggys defend the airfield. 
The buggys reminded me of the latest programme on Soviet TV - The Banana Splits
VDV Company advance to take the hill overlooking the airfield
US buggys get hammered by the only artillery strike the VDV managed to call in
Norwegians defend a village
Some very nice Soviet choppers - mine ended up as scrap metal

My assault on the airfield was halted by several well placed Rocket barrages. However The US troops broke before mine did so i'm claiming a very minor victory.

Again this was a battle that was not well suited to the VDV's role as it involved assaulting dug-in infantry armed with TOWs and 50 cal HMGs. Nevertheless an enjoyable game.

I forgot to take many photos of Day 2 as I was too engrossed in the game - sorry

My guess is that over the two days NATO stopped the Soviets from taking Norway so well done NATO. and well done to the Grimsby club - excellent hosts.

There are two other posts covering the weekend at Grimsby: Day 1 on the Southern Table and Scenery

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