Monday, 15 October 2018

CWC Soviet Invasion of Norway 1985 - the scenery

Our latest campaign is the Soviet Invasion of Norway in 1985. The games are fought out in 6mm using Cold War Commander from Pendraken. In October 2018 we played out the battles over two days at the Grimsby Wargames Club. This post covers the scenery.
The Northern table looking south
The Northern table looking north
The Southern table looking north
A major feature of the games is the layout.
Richard Phillips does most of the scenery
The buildings are a mix of Timecast, Leven Miniatures and Brigade
He scratch builds most of the other terrain
 He does an outstanding job
 There are loads of detail in each model
In total there were 3 airfields on the two tables  all made by Andy Miles
 I could go on
 But you get the idea - it's just amazing to play on.
 At least in Norway they don't run Bus Replacement Services for the trains
The airfields were major objectives for both sides
A lovely stretch of coastline allowed for Soviet amphibious assaults
The Ross Tiger moored at the docks 
Storage yards
Oil tanks
Overview of the docks at Katya
 The town of Ivana where my soviet Airborne troops landed and died 
Lara airfield
Looking west to the docks
 Maybe the Soviets weren't the only ones thing of invading Norway
Irina airfield  

Two stunning tables to play on over two days at the excellent Grimsby club, and a tropical heat wave in Grimsby to boot. you can't ask for better.

There are two other posts covering the weekend at Grimsby: Day 1 on the Southern Table and Day 2 on the Northern Table

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