Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Isandlwana in the Sudan using BBB

Thousands of  'em? Not even one Zulu was on the table for our refight of Isandlwana. Instead we used Steve's excellent 15mm Sudan collection along with the Bloody Big Battles ruleset.
The scenario comes from the Battles For empire rule book. The objectives are the 5 sets of tents at the base of the hill. The British have 12 units facing 30 units of Dervish the game lasts for 8 turns.

The more observant amongst you will notice that some of the Dervish have not had their bases finished. Steve is currently rebasing his army for BBB and there are rather a lot of them to do but he was desperate for a Colonial wargame.
 The left flank of the British camp
  The centre of the British camp
The right flank of the British camp
 The Dervish right flank
 The Dervish centre
 The Dervish left flank
 The Dervish left flank approach the gully
Looking north
The same looking south 
 The Dervish centre advances against the outlying cavalry who saddle up and retire
 The Dervish right flank engages the British line but is thrown back 
 The Naval Brigade stand fast 
The Dervish centre advances
The Dervish left flank crosses the gully
 The British line extends itself to face the Dervish left flank
 The Dervish right flank is repuplsed by the Highlanders
  Attacks go in on the British right
 The Dervish capture the camp on the British right
 The Dervish left closes with the British line
 The Dervish keep the pressure up on their right flank but British firepower keeps halting them 
 The end of the game - the British still, barely, hold the centre of the camp

The Dervish captured 4 of the 5 tents which gave them a major victory but still below the historical outcome.

The British  lost both their generals but not a great deal more as units tended to get pushed back up the hill rather than lose bases. The Dervish suffered more casualties as a result of some excellent British shooting.

I found it frustrating that my Dervish units would get into close combat and then be pushed back through defensive fire but I imagine that this is historically accurate. When the Dervish did get into  close combat they inevitably won.

We played standard BBB except for Low on Ammo which required the British to send their Ammo mule to a unit in order to get resupplied.

Steve & Shaun played the British whilst Mike, Rodge and I played the Dervish

Thanks to Steve for the toys, the terrain and the scenario

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