Sunday, 22 May 2016

FWC Bootcamp 2016

The seventh FWC Bootcamp, the world's premier (only) organised gaming weekend for 6mm Future War Commander, took place on 21st & 22nd May 2016 at the Tudor Arms, Slimbridge, Gloucestershire. The players for the weekend were Gordon, Mark, Mike, Paul, Rodge, Steve and myself.
As tradition demands we started off with a 1100 point Mad Max: Fury Road game based around the Ork/Hunter-Scavenger (HS) army list.
The objective was to get your tanker to the Petrol Refinery at the other end of the table and back again. On a 9 foot table with 6 HS armies starting within inches of each other there was absolutely no chance of this happening.
 The Petrol Refinery
Steve's force
My force
Gordon's force about to pile into the back of Mark's force
Paul's force about to pile into Mike's force
Mark's tanker
Mike's tanker going it almost alone
My tanker

The HS armies are Bloodthirsty so have to assault enemy troops within 15cm in their initiative phase. Most of the game was played out in the first 3 feet of the table with units being destroyed at an appalling rate. Four of the six forces broke leaving myself and Steve to form an orderly queue at the petrol pumps.

Saturday afternoon was one against one 2500 point Encounter Scenario games. I only managed to take single photos of the other two games 
Mark and Steve played Neo-Soviet vs Kraytonians on Earth 2
Rodge and Paul played Humans vs Khazari on The Red Planet
Gordon and I played Red Guard (RG) vs American Republican (AP) on Cough - an Ice World - so it was called the Battle for Cough. This table used Reverse Terrain where the open ground is Low Area terrain and the only open area on the table was the hub cap Reactor Plant.
The AR vehicles are from Brigade Models Merc range they are gorgeous. I had painted them up only the night before. 
Part of Gordon's Red guard army - that's Not Imperial Guard to you and me.
Due to the Reverse Terrain only vehicles had unlimited visibility. Infantry could only see and be seen at 20 cms which was more trouble for Gordon than for me
However that still didn't stop Gordon from being very dangerous with his on-board artillery
His infantry were equally annoying when they could target anything
By the last turn I had finally managed to destroy all of his armour and turned my attention to his APCs and infantry  causing him to take a break test which unsurprisingly he passed. Therefore even though his force was rapidly disappearing he had killed more than 25% of mine so it ended in a draw.

Sunday's game was a cooperative game based on Richard Morgan's book Woken Furies. Mark put the scenario together allowing the deComm teams to field 1250 points. A lot of tech was restricted - no air, off-board arty, shield domes, teleporting, tunnelling etc. 
The table was stunning with craters, rows and rows of bombed out buildings,tower blocks and objectives
Have I said that the table was stunning with craters, rows and rows of bombed out buildings,tower blocks and objectives?
This was a sci-fi gamer's dream table
I went for a MacGregor Clan Mark 1 Tank and 14 infantry
The game involved having to clear buildings and capture objectives from a bunch of really nasty cyborg-type creatures called Mimints ranging from very small to very very big
Such as these...
and these
I was doing quite well...
...until I ran into these two...
...which resulted in mutual destruction leaving my infantry adrift in radiation hell.
Ah well - I can always recruit more infantry from Earth's mega-cities.

Bootcamp 2016 was a very satisfying weekend. Three excellent games played with 6 excellent players. Amazing scenery, well painted armies and barely an argument. What more could one ask for?

Thanks to Gordon, Mike, Paul, Rodge and Steve for taking part and a special thanks to Mark for organising the weekend and the scenarios.

I look forward to FWC Bootcamp 2017

There are 138 photos of the weekend here

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Thirty Years War Game 1

Mike very kindly invited me round for a Thirty Years War (TYW) game with his latest armies - Swedish and Imperialist in 15mm - using his own set of rules.  Myself and Owain took the Imperialists and Mike and Rodge took the Swedes.

The Imperialist cavalry mass on the left wing with the rest of the army disappearing into the distance.
Three of the Swedish Brigades form up with generals and artillery
A close up of the Swedish Blue Brigade - 12 figures are packed onto each 40x40mm base.
Another Swedish Brigade
This is one of the formations allowed under the rules
The units look very impressive
Imperialists start to put pressure on the Swedes
Imperialists about to over run the Swedish Battery
A lone Imperialist Brigade hold the right flank
The Imperialist cavalry crush the Swedish  right flank
Some of Mike's scratchbuilt houses
A small Imperialist detachment holds a village
Looking towards the centre - the Imperialists attack
Swedish cavalry about to wreck the Imperialist right flank
The Swedish line holds
Imperialist Cuirassiers about to caracole the Swedes
The victorious Imperial left flank rounds a Swedish Brigade
Imperialist Cuirassiers do a victory lap!

Thanks to Mike for an excellent game. The units looked brilliant and the rules are polishing up nicely. 

I've sent an order off to Pendraken to see how many 10mm figures I can fit on a 40x40mm base!