Tuesday, 12 June 2012

FWC - Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Galore!

This  scenario is based very very loosely on the film Whisky Galore!

The automated deep space bulk carrier "Gordon Malcolm" with a cargo of several trillian decalitre of Presidential grade Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster was damaged in a geomagnetic storm and forced to land on the planet Todday in the New New New Hebrides system.
The carrier had come down in an arid region of Todday inhabited by clans of ne'er-do-wells that eke out an existence by robbing each other blind.

The objective was to loot as much Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster from the carrier and get it to one of the four shanty towns situated in each corner of the board. Note - make sure all towns are the same distance from the carrier otherwise it might giver one player a very big advantage.

Each player was allowed 1000 points - massive units, off-board artillery, orbital strikes and air strikes were banned. In addition each player had 3 trucks which could not be targeted but could be captured by being overrun by a unit. Trucks could move 20cm but only in the player's initiative phase.
Shaun had his Andrayadans - mainly target acquiring recce units and auto-linked walkers. Graham went with EuroFed - tough hover tanks and IFVs
I went with my latest force - Hunter Scavengers.

The battle was pretty chaotic with 3 sides. Shaun was helped by having his shanty town a whole move closer  to the carrier than anyone else. Graham's EuroFeds were lethal in a fire fight and my troops zoomed all over the place.
The highlight of the game for me was getting my scavies onto Graham's flank, giving them the order to fire and then rolling Double 1 which allowed me not only to fire on his flank but then have a free assault move which took out a fair chunk of his force.
However this was then followed up by me ending my turn too close to Graham's remaining tanks. He destroyed several of my bikes and death trucks with tank fire. On my turn as I was within initiative range of his tanks I had to assault. His tanks destroyed every unit that assaulted with defensive fire. I failed my break point roll so therefore I had to start again with a new force.
Whilst Graham and I were merrily destroying one another Shaun was merrily looting the carrier and getting the contents back to his shanty town.
Graham finally failed his break point roll only to return with a fresh force that destroyed everything in it's path. I managed to capture one of  Shaun's trucks but it was not enough as Shaun managed to get the other 2 back. Game to Shaun