Algeria 1837 - Pendraken figure proxies

Foreign Legion & Bat d'Af FIW2 Voltigeur, marching
Metropolitan Infantry FIW3 Voltigeur, advancing
Command for both FIW4 Voltigeur command
Zouaves ACW21 Zouaves in turban, advancing/attacking
Turcos ACW18 Zouaves in fez, advancing/attacking
Mountain Artillery FPW13a 4pdr RML guns with line crew
NW11 Pack mule team with mountain gun
Chausseurs d’Afrique FPW4 Chausseurs d’Afrique
Spahis FPW5 Spahis
Friendly Arabs ME25 Irregular Arab cavalry
Algerians Code Description
Arabs ME25 Irregular Arab cavalry
Ladies escaping SC8 Mahdist camelry
Kabylies FPW33 Zouave in caban
NW4 Afghan tribesmen
NW5 Afghan tribesmen pose 2
RT7 Turkish bashi-bazook

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