Liberdy - Wild West Rules

Liberdy - rules for the Wild West (and other places)

The game requires 2 packs of cards ideally with different backs and a D6

Each player has a gang of 4 gunmen

Each player gets dealt 5 playing cards.

Save cards.

Movement cards.Card value is move in inches

Shooting cards, Melee cards and Save cards.

Shooting cards, Melee cards.

Save cards, Pistol Fan-shot cards. Turn sequence cards.

Jokers may be used in turn sequence bids; they trump all other card or may be used to interrupt the turn sequence by being played at any time between two other players.

Suit Order

  • Joker, Ace (worth 11), King, Queen Jack, 10 down to 2
  • Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spaces
  • Blue back, Red back

The turn sequence is 

  • Each player is dealt a hand of 5 cards.
  • Each player selects one of their cards for initiative and places it face down
  • All initiative cards a re revealed and the order of play worked out using the Card Rank
  • In initiative order each player uses his cards for moving, shooting etc
  • Cards for shooting and saving can be held back in  case you are shot at etc
  • A player's turn can be interrupted by other players shooting on over-watch.
  • If any civilians are nearby they may react to firing 
  • Once everyone has had a go then all cards are returned  and a new turn starts

First Moves 
Any number of cards may be used for Movement before the first shot is fired; non-clubs are halved but can be played with clubs. (‘First Shot’ is a shot at a figure, not just firing a gun in the air and a weapon that is in range must make the shot).

Combat Movement 
Clubs; unless you have no clubs in your hand when up to 2 other cards may be played and halved for the number of inches to be moved.
Players may interrupt a single card move to shoot at -2 and then continue the move.
Any figures under the width of 2 playing cards may group move.

Weapon Ranges
Pistol 12”
Rifle 18”

Shooting and Hand-to-Hand

  • To shoot a player indicates the shooting figure and the target figure and plays a Spade or Diamond
  • The target player must play a Heart, if they have one, or a Diamond if they want to
  • If the shooter's card is higher, after modifiers, than the target or the target does not play a save card then the target is hit
  • If the target is hit the shooter then rolls a D6 and scores that amount of damage on the target

Each bit of Cover between shooter and target: -1
Overwatch: -2
Interrupt Move to shoot: -2
Pistol  fan-shot: -1
Height Advantage:  +1

All figures are considered to be in overwatch
If an opponent’s figure moves or fires they can be shot at.
Play a single shooting card at any time in an opponent's turn at -2 to the face value of a card.
If a figure is hit it must stop at the point it is hit.

Hits & Damage
Each figure has 6 'lives'. Each time a figure has a hit roll 1D6 and note the number of pips, each pip is a life.

Pistol Fan-shots
Pistol armed troops may play a joker with a Shooting card and shoot twice with a -1 to the shooting card value.
The civilian population reacts to events near them. Civilians can be hostile.

Automatic Civilian Reaction
Civilian Saves (take top card from deck): Save only on a red card that is equal or higher
Civilian Shooting (take top card from deck): Shoot only on a Spade or Diamond

Civilian Reaction - any in 6” of a firing weapon:

Unarmed Civilians 
Heart, Diamond, Clubs - Run away either into cover or away from the action (double the card value)
Spades - Stay where they are

Armed Civilians 
Spades & Diamonds - shoot using that card
Clubs – Move away from threat to nearest cover.
Hearts - Run away either into cover or away from the action (double the card value)

These rules were originally picked up by Shaun at a participation game
The Berkely Vale Wargames club tinkered with them quite a bit

Last updated: 31/08/2017


  1. Questions:
    1. Can you play the initiative card for a another, different action? Or once it is played it is no longer in use leaving you with 4 cards;
    2. Do cards go into a discard pile or are they shuffled back into the deck after a turn? Thanks H (

  2. 1. once the initiative card is played it is no longer in use leaving you with 4 action cards
    2. At the end of the turn all of the the cards are shuffled back into the deck