Russo-Japanese War: Useful Pendraken 10mm figures

There are quite a few useful figures in several of Pendraken's 10mm ranges that can be used for the Russo-Japanese War. I will post pictures when I get round to it


Infantry - Russo-Japanese - RJ3 Japanese foot

Artillery - Russo-Japanese - RJ4 Japanese artillery

HMGs - Russo-Japanese - RJ5 Japanese Hotchkiss HMG

Cavalry mounted - South American Pacific War - SAP8 Cavalry, kepi, havelock, carbine 

Cavalry dismounted - Russo-Japanese - RJ3 Japanese foot

High command - French WW1 - F16 High command 
High command - 1866 Saxon - SA7 Mounted generals

Infantry - Russo-Turkish - RT2 Russian foot, furashka (above)
Infantry - Russo-Turkish - RT4 Russian foot command (above)

Infantry - Russo-Japanese - RJ1 Russian foot

Infantry - Russian WW1 - RP1 Infantry, tunic, in cap
Infantry - 2nd Afghan War - RA3 Foot, lambskin cap (above)

Artillery - Russo-Japanese - RJ2 Russian artillery (above)
Artillery - Russian WW1 - RP12 Heavy arillery crew (above)

HMG - Russian WW1 - RP2 HMG, tunic, in cap
Cavalry Mounted - Russian WW1 - RP7 Cossack cavalry (above)
Cavalry Mounted - Russian WW1 - RP3 Cavalry, tunic, in cap

Cavalry dismounted - Russian WW1 - RP6 Infantry, greatcoat, fur hat, firing
Cavalry dismounted - Russian WW1 - RP1 Infantry, tunic, in cap
High command - British WW1 - BP22 High command (above)
High command - Russian WW1 - RP3 Cavalry, tunic, in cap (above)


  1. Very useful - many thanks for this.

  2. Great resource and a great place to start for my BBB RJW project.
    Cheers, Richard P