Berkeley Vale Wargames Club

Where is the club? The Tudor Arms Lodge ( Really Useful Map)
Shepherds Patch
Gloucester GL2 7BP
When do you meet? Every Monday evening from 7:30 till closing time
Is there an age limit? It's a pub - if you can buy a drink at the bar you are within the age limit
What do you do? Both figure and board games
What rules do you use? Loads - it depends on the game

Ancients: L'Art de la Guerre (LAG)
Renaissance: Field of Glory
19th Century: Bloody Big Battles (BBB)
Wild West: Our own rules
Colonial: Bloody Big Battles (BBB)
Sci-Fi: Future War Commander (FWC)
Fantasy: Warband
WW2: Battlegroup PanzerGrenadier & BKCIV
Modern: AK47 and Cold War Commander (CWC)
What figure scales do you use? 25mm, 15mm, 10mm and 6mm

Can I just turn up? Yes - and if you want to play we will fit you in.

We also do various wargaming weekends such as FWC Bootcamp, CWC & LAG