Sunday, 3 September 2017

Jelli Bannu North-West Frontier skirmish

Rodge put on an excellent North-West Frontier game using Liberdy, our Wild west rules.
The small village of Jelli Bannu is holding it's weekly market. Among the traders is an arms dealer who has cases of rifles for the Pathans and a British informant who knows the arms dealer's identity.
The three  British players, Chris, Paul & myself, each commanded a squad of 1  officer and 3 riflemen.  Whilst the  three Pathan players, Mike, Owain & Shaun, each commanded a group of 1 chieftain and  3 tribesmen.
The main objectives of the British are to

  • Keep the identify of our informant hidden from the Pathans
  • Find and arrest the local arms dealer and confiscate his weapons

The Pathan's objectives are to

  • Get the cases of rifles from the arms dealer
  • Find and kill the British informant.

Just another normal market day in Jelli Bannu - the British informant is at the top of the picture
The Pathans take up firing positions to cover the arms dealer - the stall with red stripes
More Pathans bring up the donkey to carry the guns away
Having identified the arms dealer the British move in to  arrest him
The RSM simultaneously interviews the arms dealer and haggles for a carpet 
On the far build the Pathan chieftain attempts to get the villagers to rise up whilst avoiding getting shot at from the cental tower
Both the British and the Pathans attempt to seize the rifles 
British Guides advance to support their comrades
Having been beaten back from the rifles the British attempt to outflank the Pathans
The Pathans make a desperate attempt to load the weapons on the donkey
The Pathan chieftain makes a brave but futile attempt to rush the British as they capture the donkey and the rifles

So honours to the British for meeting both of their objectives. As with all of our Liberdy games this one was a complete bloodbath with 4 British and 3 Pathan surviving.

The Civilian reaction table worked well with the locals running here, there and everywhere. 

We tried out some leader rules but they need working on.

Four of the players had not played these rules before but picked them up very quickly.

Rodge supplied all of the toys. He made all of the buildings and the figures are from various 28mm manufacturers.