Thursday, 31 August 2017

Liberdy - rules for the Wild West (and other places)

Way down in Liberty,somewhere on the border between Canada and Mexico, we've been a'tinkering with our in-house Wild West rules and having ourselves a few test games.
Each player controls a gang of 4 gunmen - usually 3 pistoleros and a rifleman
Virtually everything in the game is handled by two decks of cards, ideally with different backs

  • Spades: shooting and hand-to-hand
  • Clubs: movement - the number is the distance in inches they can move
  • Hearts: saving against shooting and hand-to-hand
  • Diamonds: both shooting and hand-to-hand AND saving
  • Jokers: saving AND fan-shooting pistols AND initiative

Certain cards have other uses
Cards are ranked from high to low as follows

  • Joker, Ace (worth 11), King, Queen Jack, 10 down to 2
  • Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spaces
  • Blue back, Red back

The turn sequence is

  • Each player is dealt a hand of 5 cards.
  • Each player selects one of their cards for initiative and places it face down
  • All initiative cards a re revealed and the order of play worked out using the Card Rank
  • In initiative order each player uses his cards for moving, shooting etc
  • Cards for shooting and saving can be held back in  case you are shot at etc
  • A player's turn can be interrupted by other players shooting on over-watch.
  • If any civilians are nearby they may react to firing 
  • Once everyone has had a go then all cards are returned  and a new turn starts

Shooting and Hand-to-Hand

  • Pistols have a 12" range and rifles have an 18" range
  • To shoot a player indicates the shooting figure and the target figure and plays a Spade or Diamond
  • The target player must play a Heart, if they have one, or a Diamond if they want to
  • There are various modifiers for cover, height, over-watch etc
  • If the shooter's card is higher than the target or the target does not play a save card then the target is hit
  • If the target is hit the shooter then rolls a D6 and scores that amount of damage on the target
  • Every figure can take upto 5 hits before being killed

Those nice people who actually live in Liberty

Townsfolk can be affected by gang members shooting. Any non-gang member within 6" of someone shooting draws a card. Depending on whether they are armed or not they can run away, stand, move to the action or start shooting

There are a few extra rules but that's about it. If something isn't covered by a rule then we wing it.

Here's some recent activity in Liberty which has a habit of changing every time there's a show-down

Sometimes it looks like this ....
...and other times it looks like this
It's got the regular 3:15 from Yuma
... to suit...
And attracts many
,way too many visitors

Where's the sheriff when you need him? Dead?

He'll do. Oh he's the pianist
The ideal candidate.

The buildings are either by 4Ground or Whitewash City and lovingly cared for by Shaun who also owns the train

The figures are by various manufacturers

The original rules were picked up at a participation game - can't remember the club but thank you. 

Our version can be found on the Liberdy rules page.


  1. Is there a play on words about the spelling of Liberdy that I don't see?

  2. The wild west town is called Liberty so, in our best Gloucester accents, we call it Liberdy

  3. Thanks for that.

    Never been to Gloucester so never have heard the local accent.