Monday 2 June 2014

FWC Bootcamp 2014 - Saturday

The Fifth FWC Bootcamp, the world's premier (only) organised gaming weekend for 6mm Future War Commander, took place on 31st May and 1st June 2014 at the Tudor Arms, Slimbridge. Gloucestershire.
On the Saturday there were 6 players, Gordon, Graham, Mark, Paul, Steve and myself.

Mad Max
We started off with a relaxing game of Mad Max. 6 players, 1000 points each with no massives, aircraft or off-board artillery. The various factions were Pax Acardian, Khazari, Eldritch (not-Eldar), Hunter-Scavengers (not-Orks or Porks as they all ride round on pigs!) and two Kraytonians - one hi-tech and one low-tech.

The object of Mad Max is to break your opponents' force - 1 Victory point is awarded for each force you break. Players who are broken return with a fresh force. To add spice to this game each player had 6 fuel units. Each successful command roll uses up a fuel unit and when you run out of fuel your CV drops by 1.
There were 4 refuelling tanks on the board. If a command unit started the turn adjacent to a fuel tank then the force could replenish up to 6 fuel units.
My Pax Arcs fond themselves alone in one half of the table as ...
...the 2 Kraytonians attacked the Eldritch ...
and the Porks went toe-to-toe with the Khazari.
Loads of Khazari, Eldritch, Porks and Kraytonians ended up dying with the honours going to Gordon's low-tech Kraytonians

Big Boys
The second game, Big Boys, was put together by Paul. This scenario has Massive units doing orbital drops onto the table which wrecks their shield generators.
There are several shield generators on the table which the Massive units can recharge from. Victory points are awarded for occupying the mine in the middle of the table and destroying opponents.

Pax Arc

Space Marines
Each force is 1000 points but the force must include a Massive unit with supporting troops and you don't get many of them after buying a Massive unit.




A Bug walker overwhelmed by Khazari

This was an entertaining scenario as my Pax Arcs were pushed past break point by the Eldritch walker in Turn 1 but then refused to break and entered the mine to take on Bugs and Porks

I believe that Graham's Eldritch won the Big Boy scenario merely by standing still and shooting everything in sight. More info on Paul's scenario can be found here

Frondula VI: Show and Kill
The final game of the day was Frondula VI: Show and Kill. Details of the scenario can be found on this post.
Essentially players have to have a command unit adjacent to a Frondulan colony during the initiative phase. They then roll on a table and good things, victory points, or bad things, units die, can happen.


Space Marines
This is a 1000 point game with appearances from Kraytonians, Space Marines, Andrayadans, Neo-Soviets, Orbital Combine and Hunter-Scavengers in the guide of Nazi Nomads.

Nazi Nomads

I couldn't find any pictures of the Kraytonians or Orbital Combine. The Krays because their force lost a unit through Frondulan displeasure and when you only have two units in the force then that makes quite a dent. We had quite a laugh at that one. The Oribital Combine were painted black and spent the game hiding in a wood
The Space Marines and Neo-Soviets formed an unholy alliance and forced the Nazi Nomads to attack them. I have no idea who won this game but that's the beauty of Bootcamp - it's not the winning - it's the taking apart that counts.

That was it for Saturday - the next post covers Sunday's mini-campaign - A Stargate Too Far

More photos can be found here
The Sunday report can be found here


  1. Looks like a fantastic days play. Figures and terrain look superb. Look forward to reading the Stargate Too Far post. Any idea of next years date as it would be great to finally get there but the earlier I know the better as it makes it easier to organise.
    Richard P

  2. Thanks Richard - FWC Bootcamp 2015 is penciled in for 30th & 31st May 2015. Your terrain would look fantastic in a sci-fi setting

  3. Brill I will do everything I can to get there next year and would love to build some sci fi terrain to bring along.