Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Stargate Too Far - An FWC Scenario

This scenario is based on the Stargate film and TV series. Stargates have been discovered on several planets and a war is being fought to control them and destroy the enemy.
There are two teams of players - North and South
Ideally 6 players are required
Each player controls a battle group
The game finishes when one side has over half of its battle groups broken

Victory Points
  • 1 per enemy battle group broken
  • 1 per 2 Stargate codes collected
  • 1 per table controlled ie no unbroken enemy battle groups on table
  • For every 2 players there is 1 table
  • Each table plays at it's own speed
  • Each table has 2 stargates - each located 18" in from the short end of the table and two buildings in the centre of the table there are also 6 "Chance cards" on each table – these can be good or bad
  • Stargates allow transportation to other tables by moving units through the gate - the transport codes are not known - they can be obtained from the buildings in the centre of the table - each building contains the code to two Stargates on other tables
  • Not knowing the codes does not stop players using the gates - it just means they will be randomly relocated
  • Stargates are referenced by Table and Location ie Stargate 2N is the northern gate on table 2
3 TablesCode To Stargates4 TablesCode To Stargates
Table 1Table 2N & 3STable 1 Table 2N & 3S
Table 2Table 1N & 3NTable 2Table 3N & 4S
Table 3Table 1S & 2STable 3Table 4N & 1S
Table 4Table 1N & 2S

  • Each player has either 1500 pt Advanced, 1650 pts contemporary or 1800 pts Primitive forces
  • The following are not allowed: massives, orbital strikes, off-table artillery or airstrikes or ambushes
  • Reserves can not be sent through the Stargate - they must be deployed on table in order to use a Stargate
  • Gunships are allowed but they must be pre-allocated to a table and can never leave it
  • Command units can be pimped by 1 CV
Initial Deployment
  • Initial Deployment is Static along the short edge of the table
  • North team deploy on the northern edge and South team deploy on the southern edge
  • Upto 2 Battlegroups can be deployed on a single table
Stargate Movement
  • A command unit must start on the Stargate. In the initiative phase, the codes (or a random number) are generated and the Stargate activates. The command unit is then moved to the exit portal on another table. This is the last action in the Initiative phase.
  • Units that wish to use the Stargate must be within 10cm of the gate and unsupressed
  • The commander can then make a Teleport Deployment order back through to the entry point and if successful this counts as a normal  Teleport Deployment from the exit Stargate. Continue with normal orders until CV fails. Recce may move independently as normal.
  • A Stargate can only be used by one Command unit per turn
  • Teleport Blunders are per the book except that a score of 5 or 6 relocates the force to a random Stargate
  • A Stargate closes immediately after the Teleport Deployment
Chance Cards
  • Each  table has 6 Chance cards placed randomly
  • When a Unit moves over a Chance Card roll a D6 
The searching unit is ambushed by 3+d6 Bugs - no defensive fire is allowed
2Booby Trap
The searching unit suffers D6 Attacks - treat unit as in the open - this overrides any special defensive capabilities ie recce
Whatever was there freaked out the searching unit - roll a D3 and a direction dice. The unit recoils in the given direction for that many full moves immediately and is suppressed
4Satellite Station
The nearest command unit gets a D3 CV Bonus for the next turn
5Tech Heads or Warriors
A colony of Tech Heads or Warriors live here. Roll D6 - on anything but a 1 a destroyed unit is brought back to life next to the nearest command unit. If you do not have a destroyed unit then nothing happens
6Stargate Iris Code
This code allows a command unit to activate the Iris on one of the 2 Stargates on this table. Roll randomly to decide. Activating the Iris stops travel through the gate. To activate or deactive the Iris a command unit must be adjacent to the gate in the initiative phase

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