Friday, 10 May 2013

Muskets and Tomahawks at Exeter 2013

I took my my 15mm Muskets & Tomahawks participation game to Exeter for the Legionary 2013 show.

The scenario is an Indian raid on a British village.

The British have 2 Irregular Officers, 2 units of 6 Militia and 2 units of 6 Rangers and their objective is Defence. This means that no enemy can be within 4" of the two buildings in the centre of the table at the end of the game.

The Indians have 2 Sachem, and 4 units of 6 Indians with their objective being Raid. This requires the two buildings in the centre of the table to be burnt down.

We played two games during the day - the honours going to the Indians with one being a total victory and the other a marginal one. It keeps the carpenters in New Plymouth fully employed.

The photos are mix of the two games

The Militia fall back to New Plymouth

The fort at New Plymouth - the fort and it's garrison take no part in the game

15mm Blockhouse by 4Ground - this is a pre-production model

Mrs Miggins counts them all out and counts them all back

A close-up of the Russian house burning

New Plymouth burns

Highlights of the day - I met Nick from the M&T Forum who pointed out some rules I had missed. Three people bought the M&T rules as a result of playing and hopefully a few people will think about using 15mm figures for not only M&T but also for skirmishing in general.

Amusing story of the day - an old chap walked up to the table and we started talking. I asked him if he played this period. He replied that he had AWI armies. I then enquired as to what rules he used. He looked at me and said "Well ours of course". I was about to ask he meant when someone approached him and said "Excuse me Mr Barker, can I talk to you about DBA".

Icing on the cake - winning the Phil Barker Best Participation Game award

The buildings are from 4Ground. The figures are from Peter Pig's AWI range with the exception of the British Regulars in the fort who are by Essex. The cloth is by Gaveno Cavailia. The flashing LED light in the burning Russian cabin is from The Glow Company

The are more photos at photobucket


  1. Hi Shedman,
    I love your set up for M & T. I didn't know you could use 15mm with these rules. I was at the show last Saturday running an 18mm Napoleonic game, so didn't get much chance to see the other games.

    I really like your cloth, great look for 15mm. I thought I might get one. Could you tell me, did you trim the pile on it or is it as you got it.

    I presume it's the moss green faux fur.

    Well done on winning the best participation.


  2. Jonathan - thanks for your comments

    I play M&T straight out of the box with my 15mm figures - same movement and ranges as 28mm but with a smaller footprint

    I did mean to talk to you about your Nap game as I'm thinking of using M&T for the Peninsular War in 15/18mm and wanted to check out the figure poses

    The cloth is "as is" - I think I use it wrong side up as there is a longer less attractive pile on the reverse. There are 3 sizes, single, double and king size. The only fault is that you can't roll dice on the cloth


  3. Hi Alan, thanks for the info, that's very helpful. Please feel free to pick my brains on the Napoleonic figure ranges. I've posted some comparison shots of the various ranges I'm using on my blog.
    I reckon the Blue Moon ranges for 1812 would work well for skirmish as the forces were quite small most of the time.

  4. Maybe you can read my mind - I was thinking of doing the fight for Elvina using M&T & Campaign Game Minatures - they seem to have the widest range of poses. I don't suppose you have a map of Elvina in 1809?

    1. I am planning to do a Corunna scenario once I have completed my Vimiero games, so have been looking at various maps of the battle. The best I have come across that might help with a skirmish game is this one

  5. Fantastic table. We're using 15mm as well, though we're just getting started.


  6. Excellent news - M&T works really well in 15mm. In my opinion the smaller footprint makes everything "look" right