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Bloody Run 1763 - a Muskets & Tomahawks AAR

The Battle of Bloody Run was fought during Pontiac's Rebellion on July 31, 1763. In an attempt to break Pontiac's siege of Fort Detroit, about 250 British troops attempted to make a surprise attack on Pontiac's encampment. Instead they were ambushed and forced to retreat back to Fort Detroit.

For a full account see Haughty Conquerors: Amherst and the Great Indian Uprising of 1763 by William Nester - from page 134 onwards.

This AAR is based on that battle. My previous post outlines the scenario. To recap the British have been ambushed by Pontiac's troops and must get at least a third of their force back to Fort Detroit.

The buildings are made by 4Ground. The figures are from Peter Pig's 15mm AWI range with head swaps for some of the Rangers. The river is from Homebase via Eric the Shed

The keen-eyed will notice two things. Firstly that I have used Highlanders for the British regulars instead of the 55th Regiment of Foot. This is because Peter Pig does not make any British troops for the FIW and Pontiac Wars (yet)

Secondly the photos are a mash-up from several test games and from Salute. I forgot to take my camera to Salute so photos from there were taken using my mobile phone - duh.

Onto the battle...

The Highlanders crossing the bridge

The British column gets ambushed en route to the Huron Village

The Highlanders form Firing Lines to repel Pontiac's troops and to scout the Southern section

Mrs Miggins with her sweetheart - side plot number 11 for the Indians

Moments before Mrs Miggins gets shot by a Highlander - note the hand of fate in the background

Vigilant Rangers in a ruined cabin - some of the new counters from 4Ground

Indians advance through the woods

The British start retiring to Fort Detroit

A View from Fort Detriot - Major Rogers, in the ploughed field on the right, is about to die

Fort Detroit with pre-production blockhouses from 4Ground - I only got them at Salute

Indians advance across Parent's Creek - the original name for Bloody Run

The Highlanders' last stand - the fight on the road

The Highlanders retire to the corral

The last moments of the Highlanders as the Indians swarm over them

The Result

The British managed to scout the Southern and both central sections before being overrun.

However all 3 officers had been killed, both Regular units had been destroyed and only 6 Rangers reached Fort Detroit alive. As this was less that a third of their force the British did not achieve their objective.

On the other hand the Indians killed over two thirds of the British force and did achieve their objective albeit suffering just under 50% casualties.

The British Regulars suffered from the terrain - the fields and buildings forcing them to stay on the road. However the units can taken considerable punishment as their morale is good.

The Rangers deployed on the road instead of in the buildings which was a mistake and took casualties that made them ineffective.

The terrain suits the Indians and provided they don't get into a fire fight with a Regular firing line can have lots of fun harassing the British as they retreat.

Giving the British the Scouting objective forces them to hold their ground as they try and scout the Southern section. Otherwise they would just run back to the fort.

At Salute this game appeared on the 4Ground stand. I spent the day chatting and playing the game with some very nice people. I may have even converted a few to playing M&T in 15mm

There are more photos at photobucket - click here

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  1. A great looking game. I hope to make it over the water to Slimbridge sometime soon!
    Mike B