Tuesday, 17 April 2012

FWC - Battle for New York

Breaking news:  a report filed by S-K-P from New York

The Stroud Alliance (SA) made up of the Eldritch, the Andrayadan Collective known as Shaun, Cybernetic Species X31 and Pax Arcadians launched a massive assault on the Marine Corps home world of New York. Over 11k of troops advanced from 4 directions on the capital held by 2k of Marines and Neo-Soviets. An additional 0.5K of Neo-Soviets (NS) were somewhere in the rear of the SA forces.

For those not up on their galactic geography New York comprises a central district with a suburb to the North-West. The river is nothing more than a dried up open sewer which, apart from the smell, does not present an obstacle to troops. Bizarrely the raised causeways running in from the surrounding countryside are built so high as to be impassible to all but Grav or Air-borne troops. The defenders occupied the central district leaving the SA to roam at will.

At SA planning sessions it was decided that they would advance from 4 directions. The Eldritch gliding into the north-western suburbs on their grav tanks, the X31 approaching from the south west again in grav tanks, the Andrayadan Collective marching on from the north-east and the PaxArcs advancing from the south using the large wooded area as cover.

For the battle I was lucky enough to embedded with the PaxArc command under the watchful eye of Group Leader Snake Plissken

The main concern for the SA was where the NS were as they would undoubtedly grasp at the chance to take someone in the rear.

PaxArc conscripts form a rearguard in case the NS troops appear in their quadrant. There was some nervousness amongst the conscripts one of whom took shots at my Remote Camera which caused it take low quality images.(well that's my excuse for the shoddy photos)

Cybernetic Species X31 reached the central district first and were ambushed by flame-throwing yellow taxi-cabs. The cabbies were happy to fight in the central district but would not go north of the river.

Group Leader Plissken sent a lone HQ to face up to the defenders, dropped E-Cig - the healthy alternative obscurant to battlefield smoke - on the central district and then brought 3 Mammoth Mk2s out of reserve much to the defender's surprise. For the rivet-counters out there the Mammoth Mk2 has the upgraded gun which can now rain death on soft-targets as well as armour. The 3 tanks and the HQ can just be seen through the E-Cig

From the north-west the Elditch grav tanks swarmed forward only to be halted by an effective artillery barrage.

As more PaxArc Mammoths emerged from reserve the defenders attempted to save themselves by dropping E-Cig on their own positions. However it did not stop the PaxArcs and the X31 Species from gunning the defenders down.

The Andrayadan Collective known as Shaun had the pleasure of being attacked in the rear by the roving band of Neo-Soviets. In an impressive display of Andraydan shooting and Neo-Soviet incompetence the raiders were reduced to scrap metal.

Both the Central district defenders and the raiders were now at or  past their break points.

Contrary to Marine Corps / Neo-Soviet reports the defenders of New York surrendered unconditionally as after several failed attempts they found that there was no escape from New York.

This battle was part of the War in The Berkeley Vale Galaxy - an FWC campaign run by Steve Price - I ran the PaxArc, Mike the Eldritch, Gordon the X31 and the Andaraydan Collective known as Shaun by Shaun.

The Marines & Neo-Soviets were run by Mark and Freddie. They played a very good game considering the odds stacked against them.

The excellent Snake Plissen minifig is by John_0515. You can see the rest of his excellent models here

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