Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The French in Mexico #1

At last! This blog was set up to refight the campaigns of Marshals Bazaine and Petain. After 15 posts here's one about Marshal François Achille Bazaine.

If you know nothing about the French Intervention in Mexico 1861-67 AKA the Mexican Adventure, the Maximilian War etc etc then read the Wiki on it which isn't bad.

Bazaine commanded the 1st Infantry division at the start of the war and was made commander in chief of the French forces in Mexico in September 1863. 

This painting of him by Jean-Adolphe Beauce shows him on campaign in Mexico.

I game the war in 15mm using mainly the Freikorps range of figures available from QRF plus bits from their other ranges as well as Peter Pig and Minifigs

I organised my forces to companies of 6 bases of 3 figures for infantry and 2 figures for cavalry. Currently I only have French and Mexicans. I have yet to extend the armies to include Austrians, Belgians, Egyptians or ex-Confederates.

There isn't a great deal printed in English on the subject. The Freikorps Campaign booklet No 2 is very useful as is a series published in Miniature Wargames or Wargames Illustrated many years ago.

Tim Tilson's Maximilian In Mexico campaign book is also worth getting - loads of information and 10 good scenarios as well.

I would recommend joining the Maximilian War yahoo group as they are a knowledgeable lot. Osprey also do a book on the war.

If you like doing your research courtesy of Hollywood then there are several for your viewing pleasure including Major Dundee, The UndefeatedVera Cruz and my favourite Two Mules for Sister Sara

I've used various rules over the years - Fields of Honor, Fire and Fury - both Brigade and Regimental, and Warmaster. Currently I am using a club set we are playtesting.

The next post is an AAR based on the Battle of San Lorenzo 8th May 1863

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