Saturday, 21 January 2012

Pte. Henry (Harry) Hook (1373 B Co. 24th. Regiment).

Tomorrow, 22nd January, is the 133rd anniversary of the battle of Rorke's Drift.

I imagine that if you are reading this blog then you have heard of Rorke's Drift. If you haven't then there are several very good sites covering it such as and

Recently there has been a thread on the Yahoo Colonial Wars group about Rorke's Drift and the character of Private Harry Hook.

The film Zulu, which I went and saw at the cinema when it first came out and still watch every time it is on TV, portrays him in a very different light to the real man.

As I only live some 30 minutes from where he was born and buried at Churcham in Gloucestershire I went over today to pay my respects to him and to all who fought on both sides in the Zulu War.

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  1. Nice post, very interesting! Its great that people raised the money to put up the memorial to him!