Saturday, 21 January 2012

FWC: PaxArc aid arrives at Newsofthe World

Newsofthe World, the planet formerly known as Ystalyfers and recently liberated by PaxArc forces from the evil grip of the Tawe, today saw the arrival of much needed aid.

The first flight of aid was escorted in by Flt Ldr Bovril's Pirhana gunship squadron and comprised 4 Cargo helicopters and an armoured dropship.

Of special interest were the new additions to the PaxArc air arm - the cargo helicopters. These have been added to provide infantry support for the gunships when assaulting built-up areas.

The armoured dropships appear in quite a few of our FWC games as eye-candy - beautiful models beautifully painted by Shaun

Technical Data: The Pirhana gunships and Cargo helicopters are available from Dark Realm Miniatures and the armoured dropship is made by Old Crow Models

More pictures can be found here

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  1. Very cool, long live SB.

    Of course they are available from elsewhere too!