Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Nori & Sons Pest Control - Invoice No: 23-77A-09

Nori & Sons Pest Control
53 Lower Street

United Federation
The Arndale Centre

Description of job:

To provide annual service of Ancient Alien Artefact (AAA) at Grid Ref N18.05.98 E20.77.01 on the United Federation neutral planet of Compatia

The customer will be pleased to learn that the AAA was found to be in exactly the same condition as it was last year and for the previous millennia.

As in all other years the black shiny featureless surface has not incurred any erosion and all organic matter appears to wither and die within a 1 metre radius of the object.

Cleaning Operative Frank, the one with a metal plate in his head, again received transmissions from another galaxy when he stepped too close to the AAA.

We are sorry to bring it to the attention of the customer but whilst carrying out maintenance of said AAA the contractor found itself under attack from a race of cyborgs known as the Andrayada.

As per the normal terms and conditions we dug in around the AAA to await the attack. The on-site maintenance crew of 3 Warrior and 2 Berserkers teams formed a loose circle with the CO, FAO and an Anti-Aircraft battery in the centre.

The Andrayadans were surprised to find anyone else on the planet but decided to attack anyway with 4 infantry teams and a walker

As regular customers of Nori & Sons know our standard package always includes off-board artillery for those hard-to-reach places. The FAO put this to good use by killing 2 cyborg teams.

The Andrayadans pressed home their attack resulting in 2 warriors and the AA battery having their contracts terminated.

Under the contract these working conditions would normally result in Nori & Sons withdrawing off-planet but as customer satisfaction is paramount to us we decided to see it through.

Nori & Sons prides itself on having the right tools for the job and the right tool for removing
stubborn stains such as Andrayadan infantry is 2 teams of Berserkers working in concert.

Within minutes this fast acting solution had destroyed a cyborg team and the walker. At this point the remaining cyborg team fled behind a hill. There it hid in the hope that Nori & Sons would withdraw.

Due to circumstances beyond our control Nori & Sons were forced to withdraw leaving both the AAA and the planet in the hands of the Andrayadans

We look forward to continuing to do business with you.


Payment within 14 days from Date of Invoice or else
All materials remain the property of Nori & Sons until invoice is paid in full

Total Payment Due: 14,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Credits

This game was a minor affair in the Berkeley Vale 6mm FWC Campaign. KiwiDave ran the Andrayadans with 750 points. I ran the Squats as an NPC force with 500 points. I reached my break point of 3 units but managed to stay on the table by rolling my CO's CV until Turn 11. If I had stayed on til Turn 12 then the Andrayadans would have lost

More pictures from this and other games can be found here

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