Wednesday 21 December 2011

FWC - Battle for Ystalyfers

From: CO, 148th PaxArc Combat Group, Ystalyfers
To: PaxArc High Command, Arcadia
Date: 21-12-12


It is my pleasure to report that the Tawe planet of Ystalyfers is now under the firm but enlightened control of PaxArc forces.

On 19-12-12 the 148th PaxArc Combat Group in conjuction with our allies, the Andaraydan Collective known as Shaun (AC/S), launched an attack on Tawe forces defending Ystalyfers

The 148th was allocated 3000 points for the operation and selected the following units

1 CO (CV9)
2 HQ (CV8)
3 FAO (CV8)
4 Recce - Buggies with Heavy Blaster
6 Regular Infantry
3 Conscript Infantry
3 Sniper Team
6 Thunderstrike SPGs
3 Thunderstrikes (Indirect mode)
2 Firemouths (Indirect mode)
1 Moridian Launcher (Indirect mode)
4 Piranha Gunships
3 Heavy Orbital Strikes

This selection was made on the basis of reports compiled by PaxArc Observers present at previous engagements involving Tawe forces.

Given the Tawe's propensity for bunkers, lazer wire, toxic ditches, water obstacles and removing every piece of cover together with their limited availability of Anti-Aircaft weapons it was decided that Piranha gunships, SPGs, Indirect artillery and Orbital Strikes from the PaxArc StarShip "FGR 3 Tamworth 0" would provide the main thrust of the attack

Our allies, the AC/S, comprised 2000 points

1 CO
2 HQ
1 Hubbries Recce
2 Andrayadas
1 Support Hubbries
1 DropPod
3 Varkator Gunships
2 Vira Gunships
6 Heavy Orbital strikes

The Tawe force of 1500 points included mortars, both direct and indirect artillery, infantry and 1 Anti-aircraft gun plus trenches, bunkers, lazer wire, normal wire and toxic ditches.

The Tawe had taken up a defensive position in the only piece of cover for several hundred miles. This region was covered in subtropical wetlands similiar to the Everglades on Terra and had been designated a Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty by the United Federation. Sadly the Tawe had vapourised everything apart from a small clump of trees leaving only swamp which they then turned into toxic ditches using Bugman's beer. The small clump of trees was converted into a fortess.

As part of our SOP the Tawe were given the opportunity to surrender which they declined.

Our attack started badly with only the command units, snipers, recce and gunships deploying. The slow moving infantry delayed the SPGs and both failed to deploy. All further attempts to deploy these force also met with failure.

Accurate mortar and artillery fire by the Tawe saw our recce units destroyed one by one. As the enemy were dug-in and concealed the snipers and FAOs were unable to target them.

Therefore the gunships were pushed forward to within spotting range which revealed the Tawe Anti-Aircraft unit. This shot down one of the gunships but was itself destroyed by the AC/S using target acquisition and auto-linked weapons.

Once the Tawe AA was neutralized our gunships proceeded to sit on top of the complex spotting the enemy for our indirect artillery and orbital strikes. The new Moridian Rocket Launcher is a wonder to behold.

The enemy position was quickly overrun with the total annihilation of troops in the fortress. Our only other loss being a sniper who was killed by walking into lazer wire.

PaxArc Eco-Recovery teams are being rushed to the area in order to save as much of the AONB as possible.

In conclusion we had a tough fight considering that the terrain and defences were extremely hostile to ground troops. With hindsight I would not have deployed the recce but would have employed our cargo helicopters to drop infantry into the fortress.

The Piranha gunships are seldom seen on the battle field but they won this one for us. When we face the Tawe on their home planet I will not hesitate to use them. I am putting forward Flight Leader Bovril for a commendation for his bravery in hunting out the enemy AA.

The 148th lost 4 Recce buggies, 1 Piranha gunship and 1 sniper.

Our allies, the AC/S, worked very well alongside us and took their fair share of casualties including recce and a gunship.

This ends my report

Group Leader F. Shedman
Commanding 148th PaxArc Combat Group

This battle was part of the War in The Berkeley Vale Galaxy - an FWC campaign run by Steve Price - I ran the PAxArc, Paul H ran the Tawe (Squats really) and the Andaraydan Collective known as Shaun was run by Shaun. Figures were mainly Dark Realm Miniatures and GW Epic

More and larger pictures can be found here

The photo of Flt Ldr Squiffy Bovril is probably copyrighted to Microsoft's Crimson Skies

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