Tuesday, 14 August 2018

District 9 using Gruntz 15mm

Rodge has a lovely setup in 15mm for District 9. We tried it out with a Bolt Action variant a while back but it didn't quite work. We have now started playing Gruntz 15mm so we thought we would see how it worked.
MNU Security deploy from their APCs

There are 4 forces in the game - the Prawns, the Gangstas , the MNU Security Battalion and the MNU Quick Reaction Force. Rodge did the Gruntz stats so the forces were equal in points. Activation in the game was by cards - 1 card for each force.
The cat food shop

Each force had different objectives - most were centred around the cat food shop which, apart from cat food, contained Alien tech weapons.
Prawns about to have lunch
Gangstas defend a shanty
MNU Security cover their flank against a Prawn attack
The Prawn Mech under fire from the MNU QRF
MNU QRF terminate the Prawn Mech and support troops with extreme prejudice
MNU QRF collects souvenirs of the Prawn Mech
Prawns with their cat food run for cover
MNU Security prepare to assault the cat food shop
Prawns prepare to assault the cat food shop
Gangstas prepare to defend the cat food shop
Dolores prepares her gatling gun to defend the cat food shop
Prawns overrun a bunker held by Gangstas
The MNU QRF Assault chopper goes into action
The Ganstas' recoiless rifle goes into action
The MNU QRF Assault chopper spots a Prawn drone (bottom left) but fails to hit it
The Prawn drone after obliterating the MNU QRF Assault chopper
MNU Security assaulting the cat food shop
MNU Security capture the cat food shop and game over

Rodge has some excellent buildings to go with the game - a lot, if not all, of them are scratch-built. Here are a few photos of them

The Gangstas' quarter
The view from the Security fence
The checkpoint
A lovely day for washing
The Prawns' quarter

All in all it was a good game - the figures and the scenery are a joy to play with.

As we've only played Gruntz a few times we were not that familiar with the rules and it was the first time we had seen the stats for these forces so there was a lot of referring to the rulebook and the stats cards.

Having 1 activation card per force did mean a lot of sitting back and waiting for the other players to take their turn. Maybe 1 card per unit is the way forward. Gruntz does allow for a lot of variation in weapons, morale, etc so it works well for District 9 with it's disparate forces. 

Definitely worth another go


  1. That is just too cool! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I second that, very nice game there!

  3. Very cool looking set up. I know the prawns are from GZG. But who makes thr other figs?

    1. GZG (can't remember which codes) for MNU Security
      Khurasan 'Red Faction' for MNU 1st Reaction Batt
      GZG Crusties for prawns
      Khurasan Somalis and Rebel Miniatures and possibly Flashpoint Miniatures for Nigerians
      vechs Toys-R-Us etc
      Ditto choppers

    2. and

      exosuit i think is reaper
      drone is antenocities

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  5. Hi, nice looking game! Yeah, I'd use 1 card per unit/vehicle.