Sunday, 2 April 2017

CWC LANDJUT 2017 - Scenery

LANDJUT 2017 is a campaign set in 1989 covering the Soviet invasion of Denmark. The games are fought out in 6mm using Cold War Commander from Pendraken. The initial games of the campaign were played out at Slimbridge, Gloucestershire in March 2017

The two games fought were a Polish amphibious assault on Denmark's Baltic coast held by a British battle group and a Soviet crossing of the Kiel Canal at Rendsburg defended by Canadians and Belgians

Part of the appeal of the games is the beautiful scenery, most made by Richard P, which this post concentrates on.

Firstly the Baltic coast table - I didn't get many photos of this one as I was playing ton the canal table

And the Kiel Canal table

Although the tables look to  have plenty of open space when it came down here were very few clear angles of long range fire.

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