Sunday, 8 May 2016

Thirty Years War Game 1

Mike very kindly invited me round for a Thirty Years War (TYW) game with his latest armies - Swedish and Imperialist in 15mm - using his own set of rules.  Myself and Owain took the Imperialists and Mike and Rodge took the Swedes.

The Imperialist cavalry mass on the left wing with the rest of the army disappearing into the distance.
Three of the Swedish Brigades form up with generals and artillery
A close up of the Swedish Blue Brigade - 12 figures are packed onto each 40x40mm base.
Another Swedish Brigade
This is one of the formations allowed under the rules
The units look very impressive
Imperialists start to put pressure on the Swedes
Imperialists about to over run the Swedish Battery
A lone Imperialist Brigade hold the right flank
The Imperialist cavalry crush the Swedish  right flank
Some of Mike's scratchbuilt houses
A small Imperialist detachment holds a village
Looking towards the centre - the Imperialists attack
Swedish cavalry about to wreck the Imperialist right flank
The Swedish line holds
Imperialist Cuirassiers about to caracole the Swedes
The victorious Imperial left flank rounds a Swedish Brigade
Imperialist Cuirassiers do a victory lap!

Thanks to Mike for an excellent game. The units looked brilliant and the rules are polishing up nicely. 

I've sent an order off to Pendraken to see how many 10mm figures I can fit on a 40x40mm base!

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