Saturday, 24 October 2015

28mm Bugs v Marines

Stuart had the pleasure of putting on his first game at the Berkeley Vale club on Monday and it was a good one - 28mm Marines vs Bugs. Bugs Mr Rico - quite a lot of them!

The scenario
It had all gone very quiet at the mining colony so 4 squads of 5 Marines were sent to investigate the camp and hold until relieved - ideally in the fort

Dave and Shaun played the Marines whilst Rodge and I played the Bugs

The Marines entered on one table edge and proceeded to make their way to the fort in the middle  of the table.

The Bugs arrived randomly each turn by
  • rolling an Average dice to see how many groups appeared
  • rolling an Average dice per group to see how many bugs there were
  • rolling a D8 to see where each group appeared

By turn 3 all available bugs - 75 of them - were on the table coming from all directions. Rodge, the super bug brain, sent a load to occupy the fort before the Marines got there.

It's not nice having a horde of bugs to one's rear and it slowed the Marines as they attempted to gain the security of the fort.

The bugs could take 3 wounds as opposed to the Marines' 2 wounds so it was imperative to shoot the bugs before they got into contact.

With the fort infested the Marines would have a fight on their hands occupying it.

With more and more bugs getting into the fort a bitter fight ensued at the gates

The majority of the Marines form a "square" to allow their comrades to fight for the gates

All modesty aside my arrivals dice rolls were great especially when the Hoppers appeared
The Marine firepower couldn't hold back the bugs

A Hoppper's eye view of the fort

Too many wounded Marines and too many bugs can only mean...

...Game Over

A super game that looked very good - it would have been very different if the Marines had been in the fort.

Technical details
The rules are Stuart's own rules which work very well
The Marines are Games Workshop Tau
Everything else - the bugs, the fort, the buildings and the vehicles - are paper

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