Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Skirmish at Phaffans - French v Germans - WW1 Bolt Action

Germany declared war on France on August 3rd 1914. Part of France's Plan XVII was the recapture of  the "lost provinces" by an attack into the Alsace. As the mobilization of the armies commenced both sides sent out reconnaissance patrols to discover what was facing them.

Our game was based on reinforced platoons encountering each other at Phaffans on August 4th. Phaffans is located on the road between Belfort and Mulhouse which the French attacked on August 7th 1914.
The ruined village of Phaffans looking north- the French enter from the west and the Germans from the east.

We used Bolt Action rules without any amendments.Shaun and Mike played the French whilst Dave and myself played the Germans. The toys were all 28mm Renegade Miniatures

The Germans
2 HQs - each with 1 Lieutenant and 2 Riflemen
5 Squads - each with an NCO and 9 Riflemen
3 MMGs - each with 2 crew
The French
2 HQs - each with 1 Lieutenant and 2 Riflemen
5 Squads - each with an NCO and 9 Riflemen
2 MMGs - each with 2 crew
1 75mm Light Howitzer with 4 crew
The German plan was to seize the hill with 2 MMGs and 2 squads whilst the remaining 3 Squads and an MMG  held the village. I was not privy to the French plan but it appeared to be advance towards the village and hold the flanks with single squads.
Opposing forces start to occupy the village
The German left flank heads towards the hill
The French centre heads towards the village
The French right flank occupies the road at the foot of the hill
French Marines on the left flank get pinned by MMG fire
The German right flank also gets pinned even with Lt Alan behind them
The French being their 75mm into the village to pound the German defenders
A French squad occupies part of the village
The advance German squad gets several pins from artillery and rifle fire
The German right flank looking towards the Marines' position
The Germans start to clear the French from the village
With the French retiring then it's On to Paris!

The French lost 2 complete squads plus the 75mm. The rest of their force had been shot up badly. The Germans lost a MMG and a couple of squads were below 50%

A fun game that came down to who could roll the best dice or the least worst! The French had very bad dice rolls - their 75mm with HE D6 got 6 hits and did not kill a single figure.

I've had the French since 2006 and the Germans since 2010 and this is the first outing for them!

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