Saturday, 26 July 2014

Star Wars Pod Racing in 6mm

One can always find something to whet the appetite at Stroud's markets on a Saturday such as herb infused olive oil, chilli and paprika sausages, pepper crusted goats cheese and ..err... 6mm Pod Racing.

Shaun of dreamholme scenics has a stall opposite Costas where he sells jewelry, resin terrain, Games Workshop bits and pieces and various other things. He usually has a small game going on - cowboys, zombies, ww2 etc. This week it was 6mm Pod Racing. 

The previous week he had downloaded a set of Pod Racing rules and, because he has way too much spare time, knocked up several Pod Racers using GW 40k weapons, back packs etc over the week.

I had a quick try and managed to hammer my pod into a canyon wall. We are going to give it a go at the club on Monday night

Nice one Shaun!

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