Sunday, 29 December 2013

Liberty - Test game 1 for PAW 2014

Deadwood, Tombstone and Dodge City pale into insignificance when compared to the chaos that is Liberty. There is more lead on the streets of this town that in the Cannington mines in Australia.
Various unsavoury gangs appear from nowhere, causing mayhem by robbing the bank, freeing prisoners from the jail, looting the gold mine, gunning down towns folk and delaying the 3.20 to Yuma train. Even the old Indian burial ground isn't safe - but that's another story

Over the Christmas period 3 gangs, The Mysterious Al Clan, The Twang Gang and the Cinco Esquiladas, rode into town looking to make a few dollars
Word was out that the miners at the Liberty gold mines had struck a rich seam and were yet to bring the gold into town. What could be more tempting.

The 3 gangs each numbering 5 very bad men, started at the far end of Liberty. For some bizarre reason the Liberty Town Council had issued an Ordinance that no shooting was permitted this side of the railway tracks.
Due to low movement cards the Mysterious Al Clan lagged far behind the other 2 gangs so they decided to form a line overlooking the gold mine
After a brief shoot-out with the Twang Gang the three surviving members of the Cinco Esquiladas pushed up to take the gold
The gold mine - one miner has taken several wounds and the other looks mighty worried as the Twang Gang sneak up on him
The Twang Gang advance towards the Cinco Esquiladas looking for a showdown
A fist-fight breaks out between the Cinco Esquiladas and the Twang Gang leaving several dead or wounded
Mysterious Al, having seen the rest of his crew shot down, takes up a position on the Water Tower waiting for the 3.20 to Yuma
Right on time the train arrives along with Pat Garotte and his posse of lawmen
Mysterious Al, now wounded, jumps on the train but so does Pat Garotte who finishes Al off
The sole surviving severely wounded member of the Mysterious Al Clan looks down on the shoot out between the lawmen and the Twang Gang and dies in a hail of law-enforced lead
The last two members of the Twang Gang way up their chances of taking out a lawman and getting the gold
Law and order prevail in Liberty - Pat Garotte stands astride the now delayed 3.20 to Yuma knowing that the gold is safe - resting in his bank account

Train, terrain and figures by Shaun. Buildings by 4Ground and Whitewash city

We will be putting this on as a participation game at PAW 2014 in Plymouth on 1st and 2nd February

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