Sunday, 27 May 2012

FWC Bootcamp 2012 - Saturday

The 3rd annual Future War Commander Bootcamp took place on May 26th/27th 2012 at the Tudor Arms in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire. FWC Bootcamp is not a tournament or competition instead it aims to teach the game to new players as well as allowing us to try out new armies, rules and scenarios.

Numbers were down this year due to a clash with Expo. Normally we have between 8 and 10 players but this weekend saw us reduced to 7 - oh come on - what do you expect  - this is probably the niche-est of niche wargaming event :)

On the Saturday we normally have a couple of 1 v 1 2000 point games but this time we started with a 7 player 1000 point Mad Max free-for-all game on an 8x6 desert-themed board. We had Orks (Mark), Space Marines (Angel Barracks' very own Michael), Eldar (Paul), Euro-Feds (Graham), Khazari (Gordon), Kratonians (Steve) and Pax Arcs (me) - Kiwi Dave later took over the Space Marines.

Here we see Paul - who had travelled all the way from Portsmouth - good on you mate - surveying the terrain and then ordering his Eldar to their doom at the hands of the Kraytonian Twins - 2 Pink Grav tanks that wouldn't die!

As we enjoyed playing this game we carried on playing it for the rest of the day - if you got wiped out then you returned with another 1000 points of whatever took your fancy - for instance Paul came back with his stairs-defying Daleks.

My Pax Arcs had a bad day, firstly being wiped out by Orks after taking out loads

The Pax Arcs seen here being taken in the rear by the Orks but managing to turn and take out hordes of Death Trucks

We then got taken out a for a second time by the Kraytonian Twins who in turn managed to destroy themselves due to fall-backs.

I'm not sure who got the most wipe-outs - I think it may have been Steve's Kraytonians.

Michael from Angel Barracks brought his 6mm Sci-Fi stock down including his new buildings - excellent stuff.

I will cover the Sunday games in  the next post


  1. Alan,
    Looks like some great games sorry I couldn't be there. I am definitely going to make sure I attend next years event. Look forward to updates from Sundays big game.
    Richard P

    1. Gordon has picked up a few terrain tips from you - see Sunday's report

  2. Very cool idea - the boot camp concept. Has it been successful in recruiting new players?

    1. Not really - it's not a drop-in event as it is several miles from civilization :)

      Everyone who comes along knows FWC to a certain extent - it means that they can have 2 days of gaming without the pressure of a competition.

      New players will usually fight someone who know the rules really well so that they can be taught the rules and tactics.

  3. "I think it may have been Steve's Kraytonians"

    Steve P? I assume he did something cheesy then :)

    1. As you well know Steve is a past master being cheesy.

      However in this case he brought 2 very tough tanks to the party that basically owned everyone. Normally my Pax Arcs will beat him but at the 1000 point level he has the edge

  4. I liked it and it was a nice day out.
    It would have been even better but I was very tired having been up since 4 that morning..


  5. Thanks for coming Michael - I look forward to all of your new ranges

  6. Gents,

    thank you for having me! I really enjoyed both days. Think next time, I'll start with my mercenary force (although you wanted vanilla lists). 3 apache (equivalents) would have been good.

    Looking forward to next year - if you'll have me back.

    Thanks for all


  7. Thanks for coming Paul - I hope you and Leslie had a good journey back. Steve said he was impressed with your planning for the Sunday afternoon game. We may have to put that to good use and get you to organise next year's Sunday game :)

  8. Oi Alan, they were totally legal :p

  9. Looks really good, sorry to have missed it! Although Expo was pretty darn good too, am afraid :)

  10. "Oi Alan, they were totally legal :p "

    But carved from Brie :)