Saturday, 18 February 2012

6mm Shanty Town - painted

I've had a busy day - strolled into Stroud, bought some 6mm resin futuristic buildings from Shaun at Dreamholme Scenics, did lunch with my wife, strolled back home, did a post on the buildings, listened to Forest Green Rovers beat Gateshead 2-1on BBC Gloucestershire, painted buildings, listened to Sunderland beat Arsenal 2-0 in FA Cup on Five Live, continued to paint buildings, ate superb Thai Green Curry cooked by my wife, watched Inspector Montalbano on TV and finally posted this blog - what a great day.

I found the 6mm shanty buildings easy to paint. Shaun has put loads of detail into them with tarpaulins, corrugated sheets, planks and a lot more. I managed to avoid all of those and went for my usual dry-brush approach.

I use 75ml tester pots from Wilkinson  (Wilco) for terrain as they have a really good range of colours. I undercoated the buildings and bases in Java Bean and then dry-brushed the bases in Coffee and Sand

I blocked in the buildings with GW Adeptus Battlegrey and then did a wash with Badab Black. Finally I dry brushed with Coat D'arms Horse Tone - Bay and Wilco Sand.

A proper shanty town will have a lot more colour variation - I know that the buildings Shaun painted have loads of variety. My excuse is that this town is built entirely from a single crashed space ship. However I will be purchasing more of these and as I can never remember what colours I used then the next batch will be a different shade.

Once again an  Epic Rhino is prowling the street to provide a scale guide.

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