Friday, 4 November 2011

Berkeley Vale Galaxy Wars - Part 1

Steve P is currently running a Future War Commander campaign at the club.

Here are the first two games - Kiwi Dave's Andarayadans raiding Collective Theta 4 which belongs to Gordon M's Cybernetic species X31.

All I can say is keep an eye on your car when Gordon's around

Gordon let Dave's troops creep up to the base then blew them away

More photos can be found here

In the second game Paul H's Tawe Clan (Welsh Squats) invaded Gallifrey part of Mike S's Eldar empire. What Paul didn't know was that Mike is a member of the Stroud Alliance - a collection of sentient lifeforms from the 5 Valleys Nebula that share Not-Quite-Faster-Than-Light transport between Stroud and the Tudor Arms on club nights

Mike called on his allies - Shaun M's Andrayadans and my Pax Arcadians - to help bolster his defence which we did without hesitation.

The game consisted of a series of artillery duels and orbital bombardments mainly by the crew of the Pax Arcadian Battle Cruiser "Arlesey Town 2 Forest Green Rovers 1" with the Welsh Squats getting the worst of it.

More photos can be found at here

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